Who Is Lusabara? A Little About Lusabara Essau

Who Is Lusabara? A Little About Lusabara Essau

Hey there!

I wrote this bio for one reason. What is it?

Simple: The only emails I look forward to getting are from people who I feel I know personally.

There’s nothing worse than a stranger hitting up your inbox!


Information alone won’t help you succeed with online marketing.

Why? Well, there is far too much of it. So besides getting information, you need to be able to get that information from a reliable source.

In other words…

Someone You Trust!

What I discovered was when I would get on someone’s email list, I’d usually end up unsubscribing simply because I didn’t trust their information…. or them!

To me, they were nothing more than a name on my computer screen.

Who was that person on the other end?

What did they stand for, and what were they against?

Why are they in Internet Marketing?

What’s their story?

With that in mind let me share a little bit about myself, so I’m not just another name on your screen.

I am doing this because I truly feel I have some outstanding and unique strategies that could change your life, and I am going to do everything I can to get you to read about them, and more importantly…

Act On Them!

I’d first got involved in Network Marketing with FLP back in 2009/2010 and had a little bit of success offline, but I hated the pestering and prospecting my friends, family and strangers.

It just didn’t come natural to me. I wasn’t enjoying it, I struggled and eventually my network folded and I quit the industry.

I got out, and was fed up of it and went back to start boutique business and later supplying timbers, just because it was easier…

So, it was early 2013, I hated my job and I wanted out… The I decided to register my first company called JEMAYA InfoSystems – servicing university students. I was making about $600 per day TZS 1.2M which would have been enough for me to live on other than the fact…

I had an…

Incredibly Demanding & Expensive Fiancée

So if I wanted to keep her, then I needed to make more money.

For 7 months I literally tried everything… surveys, auction sites, AW, forex trading, gambling, Network Marketing, you name it, I tried it…

Nothing worked!

…and eventually she said…

“Lusabara… I’ve had enough! If you don’t start to make more money soon, I’m leaving you…”

So at that point, I had my back to the wall… If I didn’t make it work I’d end up losing the love of my life.

That got me a little bit depressed…

2 weeks later I worked out exactly what I needed to do!

Maybe I could make money selling toner cartridges and other related printing products..

So I decided to send an old friend Jose and email. (Jose was a successful stationer friend of mine…)

I Asked Him If He’d Be Willing To Sell His Stationary Products…

All he had to do was write it down, and I would market it and sell it.

That’s exactly what happened…

Within 5 days of me sending that email he’d sent me the whole package…

So, all I had to do was to market and sell them…

The good thing is, I was in that industry before…back in 2006 working with publishing firm… so,

I had clue how to do it…

However, I remember spending the next 3 months literally pulling my hair out, trying to put it all together.

Writing the sales letter, creating graphics, installing the website, all the technical problems I had, creating a database, to uploading files, connecting it with FTP, integrating it with Shopify, password protecting the product… plus everything else…

I was seriously struggling. To make matters worse I ended up spending over $2,000 more, because I had to outsource most of the work to get it done.

I did this because I’d made my fiancée and Jose a promise, (although she didn’t know I was spending my money…)

That was BIG mistake #2!

Finally it was all ready and was time to launch the site. I remember sitting in my bedroom, feeling incredibly nervous, my heart racing as I went to push the button to make the site live.

Eventually I Plucked Up The Courage And Published The Website…

After a couple more hours of staring at the screen waiting for the sales to come in, I went to bed hoping that when I woke up the next day, I’d see some money in my Shopify account.

The next morning came. I jumped out of bed, turned on the computer, logged into Shopify and was shocked.

Absolutely nothing.


I was devastated… I’d put everything on the line for this…

To make matters worse, a few weeks later my fiancée found out I was $4,000 in debt and left me for another man (who had money).

I was at rock bottom but…

This Wasn’t Going To Defeat Me…

So over the next 12 months I got further and further into debt learning how to make money online. I must have spend over $2,000 buying courses and software to learn from.

Then out of nowhere I had an email from a guy called Eriks Pastars who owned a site called isgtech.io – he wanted to partner with me and send out an email to my list in return for 50% of the sales of BetPOS product.

“Sounds great I said… what do you need from me?”

“Nothing… I’ll just create an affiliate account and will do an email out to your list tonight.”

He had an idea how big my list was…

So, I forgot all about it and went to the beach and got wasted…

Arrived home about 7.30pm, turned on my computer… feeling a little worse for wear…  I opened my email and stared at the computer screen in total amazement.

What I saw gave me renewed faith…

Sales, after sale, after sale, after sale… Notification…

When I totalled it up…

I’d Made $2,359 In 4 Hours Since Going To The Pub…

For the next couple of months, my income soared….

Everything was going FANTASTIC, other than the fact…

I HATED the gambling industry.

I just wasn’t motivated, didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and didn’t want to work on my business.

What a CRAZY place to be!

I Was Earning Up To $6,300 Per Month Working From Home But I Hated It!

I had a GOLDEN goose (my websites), which was laying me GOLDEN eggs ($6,300 per month) and because I didn’t have a passion and purpose, I was KILLING the goose

So, eventually after a BIG battle with myself…

I sold my network of gambling sites before my income levels dropped any further…

I was in a VERY BAD place in my mind at that point, and I was starting to get depressed…

I remember spending hours at night just thinking to myself… about how I blamed myself for losing all that money…

At the time, I HATED the way my life was

But fortunately life has a funny way of bringing you back again doesn’t it..?

Again in 2015 I met a wonderful mentor Alphonse Chilato who helped me get through this difficult time

The gambling stuff and everything else was PAST history, it was time to start again!

A little while later (June 2015)  I got the network marketing bug again. I wanted to build and grow a team using my 5+ years of Internet Marketing knowledge

As I did my research online, I came across one of the BEST books anyone trying to build a business online should read… Magnetic Sponsoring from Mike Dillard.

I bought it straight away.

All I had to do was set up a blog, set up a capture page,  and place a few articles, press releases and adverts.

The leads would flock in and ask if they could join my business…

Fantastic I Thought. Easy Money. 

So over the next 12 months I bought more and more courses and started to put it the strategies into action to build my network marketing business. I was so excited about this new way to build my business that I couldn’t sleep at night.

But do you know what. After 12 months of doing this nothing was happening and I didn’t know why.

All these people seemed to be having success in this industry, but I wasn’t…

What was wrong with me? I’d made it work in the gambling industry so WHY couldn’t I succeed in online Network Marketing?

All of a sudden I started getting sidetracked. Losing my focus, looking around for another business. Another way to generate traffic because I thought it was the business that was wrong.

I Felt I’d Been Lied To…

They told me the Internet was going to be an easy way to build my business, and it’s absolute rubbish.

Yes it’s easy once you’ve spent a lot of time of trial and error and worked very hard…

It’s easy when you’ve got a mentor or coach… someone to show you EXACTLY what to do…

One of the reasons I struggled so much in the early days is that the Internet is designed to grab your attention.

People, guru’s, trainers know how to pull you away from what you are currently focused on and get you to buy their stuff, join their business, spend your money with them…

They’re masters at it!

They promise you the world, and they deliver great content but I was sure it was just designed to keep us spinning around like a hamster in a cage on it’s little yellow wheel.

The Hamster Doesn’t Know Any Better And Neither Did I…

I was at their peril. When they said jump. I said how high? When they said buy, I said how much. When they said join my business. I said ok, where do I sign?

It didn’t matter that I was losing my direction, losing focus and cheating on my dream, I was spending money I couldn’t afford.

I just wanted the newest business, and the latest course and traffic generation methods. I was going to get them at any price.

HamsterI was just all over the place. I had no discipline and working from home for me was a nightmare. I loved it, but my life and business all merged into one. It became the grey zone.

When I was supposed to be working I was on Skype, Instant Messenger, checking my emails, browsing Google for more books and courses to help me get through the mess.

I think the reason this happened was because…

I actually didn’t know what to do to build my business.

I bought courses which I hadn’t finished, I was half way through and I was onto the next thing to buy…

I half read books, watched a few minutes of video’s, snacked on blog posts and my attention span was rubbish.

I was trying to juggle different traffic generation methods. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, my blog, mailing list.

Then I had to learn about my company, speak to people on the phone, reply to emails, Instant messages, Facebook and Twitter messages.

How frustrated was I?

At the end of the day…

I Felt Stressed & Overwhelmed And Hadn’t Achieved Anything Meaningful…

I was spending all that time away from my family and I’d pretty much wasted the time I had to build my business because there were some fundamental things wrong with me

Although, I didn’t want to admit it at the time.

I had to do something about it if I was ever going to build my business on the Internet.

I needed to learn what I was missing and there was NO way I could do this on my own!

I’d come this far, but it was the end of the line for me

So in August 2016, I made my decision…

I Started eCommerce Website Selling Cooking Oils…

At this point, I figured… I had nothing else to lose, so I decided that the FASTEST way to success was to learn from someone who’d already done it before…

It kind of made sense… after all, WHY try to reinvent the wheel? (If you want to get someone FAST, you ask someone who knows how to get there right?)

I didn’t have any cash left, so I borrowed $3,000, and I “bit the bullet” I found someone who was already making it online…

I remember purchasing Mike’s course for $ 975

I’m SO GLAD I did, because it literally changed my life and business around!

He told me 3 things I didn’t know… which when I implemented them into my eCommerce business… everything changed!

(Ask me when we speak and I’ll tell you what they are…)

He also told me I needed to learn some SKILLS…

Productivity, Traffic and Attraction Marketing…

My time management was all over the place, and I was about as productive as a chocolate tea pot…

So I Switched My Focus Again…

But this time it was deliberate. I was going to get good at this. I was going to put a lot of time and effort into learning this.

I bought books, courses, attended online courses, had coaching and gradually I started to get things under control…

I studied & modelled from the masters such as Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Peter Drucker, Stephen Covey, Anik Singal, Tim Erway, Nicholas Kusmich, Charles Ngo, David Allen, Brian Tracy and many more.

I read well over 60 books and courses on the subject alone….

I read 60’s of books, courses, attended webinars, took online courses, watched videos etc on Internet Marketing & making money online, because I knew HOW IMPORTANT getting an education was!

I continued to (and still) learn about Internet Marketing, sales funnels, copywriting, syndication, info product creation, product launch formula’s, traffic generation… you name it, I learned it…

Total Investment In My Internet Marketing Education = $11,164

I was implementing the ideas into my life and business.

I was finally taking control and fighting back against all those gurus who were trying to get me to go in a different direction…

I was taking responsibility for my life and business… No one was going to get me off track.

Five months later, Dec 27, 2016 I made a total sales of $17,000, TZS 35,000,000 in a single day. In January 2017, I sold that eCommerce site for $12,000.

Over the next couple of months I fine tuned my skills and created 12 ecosystems.

My life was in cruise control…

Now It Was My Turn To Give Back

I decided… because of the person I became ALONG THE WAY, working online… and I’m doing what I LOVE to do, and making money in the process…

I want to help other people do exactly the same as me…

So, I hired good developers and software engineers creating the industry changing  products to help modern entrepreneurs and ordinary people make money online.

I thought if I could reach just 1 person and help them change their lives for the better, then it would be worth while.

But instead, I changed thousands of lives!

The last 12 products I created: Click here to view.

But The Whole Journey Changed Me…

It made me into more of a person. I overcame my fears along the way, so now I am more confident in myself. I also learned how to handle failure, so now I am more successful and confident in whatever I do.


So was it worth it? Yes!

“I LOVE My Life!”

After all the struggles I’d been through… the making money, losing money, pains, problems and challenges…

I now feel blessed to have had such a journey.

2 weeks ago… I spent a day reflecting and looking back on my life…

“Wow…” I said…

“What a journey… look at how things have changed since I first started”

…and then the words just tumbled out…

“I Love My Life!”

The most powerful words I’ve ever said…

…& now every time I wake up in the morning, my feet hit the floor… the first thing I say to myself is…

“I Love My Life!”

I invite you to do the same

It doesn’t matter if right now your world is crumbling…. everything around you is chaos…

…because those words have the POWER to heal!

I just wish I’d learned them 10 years ago…

I’m Just a Normal Guy!

I’m NOT special in any way… I just have a DREAM and go for it until I achieve it.

That’s what I want for you!

So, let’s keep in touch and get to know each other a little more…

Your Friend,

Lusabara Essau

Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

It's your turn now, please leave me a comment below!


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