JEMAYA Villas: A Complete Website For Agents Who Want To Kill It Online

JEMAYA Villas: A Complete Website For Agents Who Want To Kill It Online

Been to Mlimani City recently?
It seems that almost everyone has a screen in front of their face while they enjoy their shopping. Some are on cellphones and some are on computers. What are all these people reading about? Did we miss something?

Everyone is searching on Google!

You might ask yourself “well, what are they searching for?…”

Now, our guess is as good as yours…

But, we bring it up because it demonstrates that we all have a serious NEED be able to compete on Google (that’s where everyone is at) and even more so…

That we need a “tried and true” PLAN to do so.

Your clients and prospects – who used to look you up in the phonebook – now research you on Google and want to have a look at your social media as well. Having a strong online presence is more important than ever to survive as a real estate agent.


The Foundation Of Your Business.

To reap the huge benefits that Google has to offer, you need to maintain a “lead generation system” that works for you – even when you’re not there. This system needs to attract visitors, convert them to leads, get the conversation started, and allow you to follow-up lightning fast – before your competition does. Even tougher? This system all has to connect together AND be friendly with Google and Facebook’s requirements.

Oh, and let’s not forget about storing all of this data in your favorite CRM. How do you figure out what works and what doesn’t in the constantly evolving world of tech?


#1: Spending Time Building a Website that Doesn’t Have Effective Lead Capture

This is #1 on our list for a reason. To start, let’s make sure we have a clear end goal in mind…
Are you trying to create a pretty website to show off your business?
… Or …
Are you trying to create a website that leverages your value to attract visitors and convert them into leads?

At JEMAYA InfoSystems we tend to focus on the 2nd option.
So, going forward – can we agree that a website should be MORE than just a pretty page with your face on it?
Your new website should be a tool that empowers your business and allows you to create a “lead generation system” around it.

Here are the “must haves” you need to be aware of:

Designed from a lead capture perspective
This means your website is intentionally set up in a way that follows the best practices for maximum lead capture. This includes everything from content production, calls-to-action, landing pages, and link structure.

Calls-to-Action sprinkled throughout the site
A call-to-action is a short and sweet offering for a website visitor. A CTA can take shape in the form of a link, image, or button. The goal of a CTA is to trade something that is valuable (like a buying guide, or moving checklist) for a visitor’s contact information.

Segmenting your users on the homepage and allowing them to “flow” through your site.
This is another important one. Even your homepage should have a purpose for what it does. Most people get this wrong… Your homepage should try its hardest to get a visitor to indicate whether or not they are looking to (buy / sell / get free stuff ) and then get them there as fast as possible. This leads to happier visitors and more credibility/trust towards you.

Landing pages that serve as end-points to capture leads
After someone has clicked a CTA it is very common to be taken to a landing page. This is the moment of truth where you trade Value for Contact Information with you visitors. The real magic is found here.
For example: a potential seller reads a blog post about selling, sees an offer for a free home valuation, and then clicks the offer to the landing page.

Instant notifications so you can follow-up ASAP.
As we grow more and more connected to our favorite devices, the acceptable window to reach out and contact a lead is shrinking. What does this mean for you? It means that you can’t afford to wait until tomorrow to follow up with a lead (or even tonight really…). You need to take action as quickly as possible and within 5 minutes if you can manage. This means you need instant lead notifications every time someone offers their contact information to you on your site. The sooner you start a conversation, the better your chances of converting that lead into “real” business.

Today, let stop here! In the next post we’ll discuss the rest four mistakes committed by Re-Agent and see how to avoid them.

Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

It's your turn now, please leave me a comment below!

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