You’re About to Discover How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Without CHASING PEOPLE Or Selling Your Products on Social Media

You’re About to Discover How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Without CHASING PEOPLE Or Selling Your Products on Social Media

In the previous lesson, I talked about the importance of branding yourself to attract people. People don’t care about the Company, Products or the Compensation Plan. You are the most important thing in the equation of Success. You are the Companyyou are the productyou are the compensation plan. If you haven’t read lesson number 1, I suggest you do right now.

Let us look at the Greatest Network Marketers we have in our modern time. People like Holton Buggs, Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Tim Sales and online Network Marketers like Mike Dillard, Ray Highdon, Jonathan Budd, Anik Singal and Daegan Smith. What do they all have in common? What makes them so special compared to the rest of the 90% of the masses? What makes these leaders stand out of the crowd is because they understand that success in Network Marketing is about branding yourself. People should know you before the company, product or compensation plan. People should trust you before trusting the company. How do you brand yourself? Well you need to improve on the 2 important skills that will bring in ultimate success in Network Marketing. These skills are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Marketing


If you’re a great leader, you attract people like magnet. You have authority. People just want to listen to you. They can’t stand it. Your belief is stronger and you connect better with people. A leader is more passionate and always looks for problems and challenges to solve. Everyone is attracted to leaders. Be it in business, entertainment industry, sports or any profession out there. Show me a great successful person and I’ll show you a great leaders. Think about it. Who is your favorite person? Who’s the person you really admire the most? I bet you that person is a leader. For people to admire you, you also need to build yourself as a leader. All successful people in any endeavor have great leadership qualities. You’ve got to understand that. Massive success is not for the followers. It is for the leaders. If you have no plan to lead other people toward success, you might find this journey of Network Marketing or any other journey very difficult. So it’s important you brand yourself for people to see you as a leader. Build the leadership within you and you attract more people towards you.


Marketing is a very interesting topic. One of my favorite. Most people confuse “marketing” with “selling”. Remember we are in Network Marketing and not Network Selling. So stop selling and start marketing. Stop pitching. One thing I’m tired of hearing is “Our Company has the best product and the best compensation plan. Our Company is the best in the world.” Do you know what my reply is. I DON’T CARE!

Please!! You can do better than that. 97% of all Networkers here in Tanzania are just doing that… CHASING! CHASING! CHASING. Hey, guys STOP! When you chase people and ask them to join your business, you are basically begging them… which doesn’t work.

People ONLY join a business and a person who they think can help them have the success they desire… and if you are desperate and needy, then nobody will ever join you.

Remember, there are millions of Network Marketing Companies out there. Why should they choose yours? You’ve got to stand out from the crowd. Marketing is much easier done if you understand human psychology.

I’m going to share with you one thing right now that’s going to change the way you market forever. People take action because of 2 things:

  1. Their need to gain pleasure
  2. Their need to avoid pain

The question you need to ask your prospect is, will the prospect gain more pleasure and avoid pain when I show him my opportunity or gain more pain and less pleasure?

The best way to make sure your prospects gains a lot of pleasure and less pain is by giving lots of valuable information wholeheartedly to the market place that’s gives a solution to his/her problem. In short focus on giving and not taking. Attack his/her problem. Talk about and solve his problems, PERIOD. He will totally love you and will beg you to work with you. Stop talking about the Company, the products or the business plan. Did he tell you he wanted to join your company?

Perry Marshal’s says,

“Nobody who bought a drill, actually wanted to buy a drill, they wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes, NOT information about drills.”

If you share information about making holes you’ll start attracting more people to you like a magnet. People will be so attracted listening and learning from you. People will fall in love with you. You’ll end up being a Network Marketing Rock Star.

So, here are THREE (3) steps I used the other day to attract 51 buyers to me… and you can do the exact same thing to sponsor brand new team members…

Step 1: Create Something of Value

The first thing you need to do is to create something of value. It could be a full online training course,  a 5 minute video giving your best tip away,  a valuable Facebook Community, a 10 page PDF document, a 1-2-1 x 10 minute consultation on the phone or anything similar of high perceived value to your prospect…

Create it quickly, give it a catchy title and move on to…

Step 2: Announce It As A Limited Opportunity

So, the second thing you need to do is to announce it to people… and you can do this by posting a curiosity / teaser update on your profile, fan page or groups and email your list…

When you post it, make sure people can see the VALUE in it.

Make it LIMITED in spaces or time.

Give a call to action and ask people to comment and like the post to be able to get access to it.

Step 3: Reply Back To People Who Responded

The last part in this short process is to reply back to all the people who responded and give them what you promised them…

You must ALWAYS personally reply back to each person individually. NO group messaging… and NO posting a comment with a link to download your value piece…

See, the more PERSONAL you make the follow-up message, the more people get to know, like and trust you. This is called a TOUCH POINT… and it takes multiple “touch points” for people to join you in your opportunity.

Here’s How To Do It All WRONG!

What most people would do is create something of value and immediately post a link to it on their profile, or email their list and give it to people instantly.

Unfortunately that does NOT work…

Ask me Why?

Well, because there is no perceived value in that. See, if people don’t pay money for something or have to jump through some hoops to get it first, then they just won’t value it and it won’t have the desired effect…

How To Use This To Get New Sign Ups

If you want to use this approach to get new sign ups in your primary business opportunity then you do exactly the same as I mentioned above, but BEFORE you give them the value, make sure you schedule a call with them and get them to fill out an application or just jump on the phone.

Then you give an OPPORTUNITY to work closer with you and your team in your business opportunity and sponsor them if it is a win-win for both… then you give them the VALUE content for speaking to you on the phone…

(You MUST still give them what they wanted in the first place even if they do or don’t join your business!)

Your Turn

Have you ever done this or used this method before yourself, and did you get any results? I’d love to know… thank you for you time for reading this. I hope this message was informative. And I hope you’ll start sharing information about making holes. I’ll be going through the specifics of Leadership and Marketing in the coming articles. It will be about Leadership skills and how you can become one. Make sure you comment down below and share article to your friends in facebook, twitter, linked it and other social networks. Lets spread the word to the world. Sharing is caring.

Yours in success,

Lusabara Essau

Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

It's your turn now, please leave me a comment below!

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