Here’s How to End Your Customer Acquisition Problems for Good… And Use These 5 Surprising Simple Strategy to Explode Your Business FAST

Here’s How to End Your Customer Acquisition Problems for Good… And Use These 5 Surprising Simple Strategy to Explode Your Business FAST

It really does not matter if you have ever even considered being in business for yourself. It does not matter if you have any experience. All that matters is that you are not currently happy with your career or financial position. If you want more from your life, if you want a life full of financial freedom, then this is article for you.

It’s a dream for most people to run successful businesses and live the ‘lifestyle’. You know what I’m talking about. Work less, make a lot of money, live the house of your dreams & travel the world and so on.

All that is possible. We see people doing it every day and there will be more and more people doing it in the future. The question that we need to ask is what sets those people apart from the rest of the crowd? What are they doing so differently that other entrepreneurs aren’t? Why does life seem so simple to them and yet it is a struggle to many?

Well, in the previous session we talked about how successful people like Oprah Winfrey used their psychology to turn failure and disappointments into success. There is something I hadn’t mentioned in the previous session about Oprah.

When she was still a troubled teenager on drugs, she was sent to juvenile hall (children’s jail). When she came out her grandfather took her. Knowing how troubled Oprah was, these were the words of wisdom her grandfather gave her that created a spark in Oprah’s soul and brought about the success you see in her today.

He told her,

Oprah there are 3 kinds of people in this world. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ask, ‘what happened?’

You have got to decide which out of the 3 you want to be” She had to sit down and make a serious choice. A choice which majority of people are afraid to make. She chose to become the person who makes things happen.

I hope today you also make a similar choice. All winners do.

There is also another ingredient I wanna talk about today. And that ingredient is, successful people see and define businesses totally different from everybody else.

I will get into the definition in just a moment but before I do that, I need a favor from you. I need you to take what I’m about to tell you today and the coming days with an open mind.

Most of what I’m about to share to you might create a conflict with your belief systems especially about business and marketing. Most of what I’m about to share with you isn’t taught in Marketing school. In fact some of them are the total opposite to what they teach in marketing school and what most people are doing in the real world.

If you’re a student of marketing (BBA of MBA), please bear with me. It might be difficult unlearning some of the stuff you learnt in University but if you take these lessons with an open mind, you will surely benefit immensely.

Ok! Since now that is clear I want to give you some rules when it comes to winning in the market place then we’ll head to our main topic.

  • Rule No.1 – Never Fall in Love With Your Business: Now this might sound crazy and ridiculous but trust me, one of the best rules I learnt in business is never to fall in love with my business. If it was not for that rule, I wouldn’t be giving you this FREE right now.

“But Lusabara, if I shouldn’t fall in love with my business then who should I fall in love with?” I’m glad you asked. Fall in love with your Customers/downliners.Listen to them, know them, understand them, and empathize with them. Your mission as an entrepreneur is to help your customers’ life become much better. If you do that with an open heart, you will be immensely rewarded. Always remember, it’s neither about you, your company, your product nor your service. Everything you do from now own should focus 100% on the customer. Agreed?……..


  • Rule No. 2: No One Cares About You, Your Company, Your Products Or Service. No matter how good you think your company, product/service is, keep that thought to yourself coz NO ONE CARES. The biggest disease faced by society is selfishness, in other words ‘everybody cares about themselves’. You will see this everywhere. In TV’s, radios, newspapers. The marketing campaigns of 99% of all companies in this country are company centered and not client centered. They want their prospects to see how good their company, product, and services are and why they should buy from them. BIG Mistake.

My advice is stop focusing on you, your company, your products and services and start focusing on your clients. If you do that you will sell more than everybody else. If you don’t understand, don’t worry. I’ll get deeper into the subject in the coming sessions.

  • Rule No. 3: Whatever Business you’re in, That Is not you’re Business. Now it’s very easy to get distracted when you say I’m in the network marketing business or tour business or insurance business, or I’m in the printing business or I’m in the web design business. The moment you say that, you’re missing the BIGGER picture. You have to understand that we’re all in the business of acquiring customers. That’s the real business we’re in. That should be your primary focus. If you cannot develop the marketing skills necessary to acquire new customers, you are screwed. You have no business.

Make sure you invest a lot of your time, money & energy mastering your marketing skills. If you do that you will dominate your market. Trust me, your competitors aren’t thinking of any marketing as much as you.

  • Rule No. 4: Don’t Follow The Rules. I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow these rules I’ve just given you. NO! What I’m saying is not to follow the rules played by everybody else in the marketplace. If you follow the rules, you will just be like everybody else. That’s not what you want. What you need to do is create your own rules. Although I give this advice to most business owners, very few follow it. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we are undergoing ‘social hypnosis’ which is a process of thinking something is right just because society says it’s right.

To win in the market place you need to become a leader. And to become a leader you need to create your own rules and not follow other people’s. Following other people’s rules is a sign of weakness. You do the leading and let them do the following (i.e. if they can).

Always remember those rules in the coming days. You might need to write them on a piece of paper and carry it wherever you go. Trust me, your life as an entrepreneur will be filled with vitality, fun and you will be in full control.

Now back to the entrepreneurs who live the ‘lifestyle’As I previously mentioned, I told you that these guys see and define business a whole different way than how everybody sees.

This is how they define what a business is into………

5 Components of a Successful Business

There are many definitions of the word business from different sources. The best one I have found so far is from a guy called Josh Kaufmann, a successful entrepreneur and the author of the book “Personal MBA” [Great book by the way. It’s written for people like us who wanted to become entrepreneurs and lazy to go study real MBA]. In his book he defines a business as

  1. Anything of value…..
  2. That people want or need…..
  3. At a price they’re willing to pay…..
  4. That satisfies their needs or desires…..
  5. That brings in enough money to repeat the process.

The business has to have 5 components. In other words what Josh is saying is that if you want to become a successful business owner you need to: –

  1. Create Value in The Market Place: This can be in a form of a product or service. It can either be tangible (like a car) or intangible (like this course). It should either add a certain benefit or get rid of pain (whether physical, mental or emotional) from the intended person. It shouldn’t be something you like but what the market needs. Don’t expect the market place to fall in love with your product just because you do.
  2. Market Your Value: The product or service that you create has to be needed in the market place. My advice is market a product or service before even having the product or service. When people respond to your marketing then you will have a deep understanding on what exactly they want and can create a product or service that fills the market gap.
  3. Selling: Unlike marketing which is exposing your message to the market place, selling is where the actual transaction happens and there is exchange of your valuable product/service for money. It is important that your marketing message makes the process of selling easy. If it doesn’t, then you need to work on your marketing techniques [which I’ll go into detail in the coming sessions].
  4. Value delivery: After selling your product you need to follow up with your client to make sure if the product/service that you have sold has solved his/her problem. If it hasn’t then you honestly don’t deserve to keep the money. That is why it is advisable to offer 100% money back GUARANTEE to most of your services.

Remember: Making money is not your goal. Making money is a result of your goal. Value delivery & customer satisfaction is your goal.

If you promised your customer that your product/service will solve his/her problem and it doesn’t that means you haven’t delivered. And if you haven’t delivered, you have no right to keep the money.

5. Finance
Your greatest reward in your business is when you make the lives of your customers better than they were before they met you. There’s a great feeling you get when your customer comes to you and tells you, “Thank you, you have changed my life.” Nothing comes close to that reward. But off course you also need to be paid for the services you offer to be able to repeat it more and even better to more people who are in need of that value.

What Next?

Before I tell you what to do next for you to dominate your market, I would first want to congratulate you. Congratulations for doing what 80% of people never do. And that is complete reading a simple article just like this one. You now have a basic understanding of some components of building a success business. If you take the 5 components above and put them into action, then dominating your market will be easier for you than baking a cake.

But how do you turn this knowledge into immediate action?

That’s where I come in. Since I want to see YOU successful, I am going to give you an OFFER which I NEVER give to my offline clients.

The reason I’m giving you this OFFER is because:

  1. I want to build a serious business relationship with you.
  2. You have been reading my articles and that makes me proud. I hate people who do not invest their time to learn something valuable. In fact studies show that 80% of people never complete reading the first chapter of any book let alone a whole article like this. You belong in the 20% so you deserve my best OFFER.
  3. And I also believe that if you benefit from this OFFER you will help spread the word to people who deserve similar services.

The OFFER that I’m about to give you will help you restructure you business in such a way that it can almost be impossible not to win in the market. I’ve asked Prof. Ally Mtanda and other Successful Entrepreneurs to share with you what it takes to be successful here in Tanzania. They will show you where you stand in the market place and then give you the best business and marketing ideas. They have accumulated these ideas from the last 30 years of experience through investing hundred thousands of dollars and they will give it all away for you to immediately implement into your business to achieve a huge success.

Some of these ideas are so simple and powerful that they can easily double and triple your income within months of implementation.

NOTE: These ideas are NEVER taught in Business School and many of YOU have no clue they even exist.

We usually charge their consultations $50/hr (which I honestly think is very low compared to the amount of value that they are giving away) which anytime soon they might raise it to $100/hr or $200/hr.

DON’T WORRY: After asking them, they are not going to charge you anything close to that

Since this will be your first time to have a personal encounter with us, you will donate ONLY 15,000/- for DELICIOUS DINNER and DRINKS.

Now I understand that we humans go through a lot of fear and uncertainty when it comes to pay for a product/service for the first time before having any prior experience. We are afraid to risk our hard earned money for something that we’re not sure of the outcome. If you’re undergoing that FEAR right now, then worry not for I will take all the risk and offer you 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you aren’t happy with the business talks & the ideas you are going to get, just let me know and you will be given 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Just say I want my money back and you’ll be given.

WARNING: I have only 100 seats so this OFFER will be removed at any time without NOTICE.

If you really serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur and attracting more clients towards you and not your competitors, then make sure you make you register here. Me or one of my colleagues in the customer care department will give you a call or send you an email, to update you on the booking.

It was a great pleasure chatting with you. I wish you great success

Your friend in success,

Lusabara Essau

Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

It's your turn now, please leave me a comment below!

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