How Technology Can Grow Your Business

How Technology Can Grow Your Business

When you think about how much technology has changed in the last thirty years it can blow your mind. I know it’s pretty incredible to me, anyway.

For example, computers used to be enormous, boxy, and heavy in the past. Now, though, they can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

But the size of our technology is not the only thing time has affected. Prices have gone down while capabilities and memory have increased.

All of these improvements in technology have caused an explosion in the ways computers and other technological devices can be used. Certainly, technology can grow your business if you choose to let it.

Electronic Calendar

You no longer need to drag around a thick calendar in a ring binder the way business people used to do twenty years ago. Instead, thanks to advances in technology, you can keep your calendar electronically.

Electronic calendars not only organize you but some allow you to sync your business calendar to your personal one. Want to sync to other family members and coworkers? No problem. It can be done.  Other features include reminders and recurring scheduling, just to name a few.

Meaningful Reports

Meaningful reports are another way technology can grow your business. Today’s computer software and online programs allow you to track sales, profits, expenses, and inventory through POS systems.

There are other ways technology can give you data to help you make good business decisions too.  Examples include tax and accounting software as well as invoicing systems, among others.

Social Media

Creating a social media presence is another way technology can grow your business. It is a great way to advertise, which is important in just about all businesses.

You need to get the word out that your products or services are available and social media can help. Set up a Twitter account as well as one with Facebook to get noticed and increase sales right away. Or, choose a different platform, such as Linked to make your business known.

One of the other great things about social media, besides just advertising for your business, is that it can be scheduled.  This can help you increase productivity and keep costs down further growing your business.

Business Email

Technology can grow your business through the use of email. For example, you can set up a business email that enables you to keep work messages separate from your personal ones. In addition, you can name it something that promotes your brand and professional image.

But that isn’t all you can do with a business email account. You can also send video through it. Visit to see how they can help convert leads and improve your business.


Having a website for your business used to be optional. However, times have changed and it is a must these days if you want to stay competitive in your market.

Because so many people shop online you could be missing out on sales and increased business without one. To make your profits even better, set up a mobile responsive website as well.

Virtual Assistant

Why hire a full-time employee when you don’t have to? Instead, hire a virtual assistant and save yourself some money. This is an additional way technology can grow your business.

Virtual assistant duties include a range of tasks. One is launching a website while others include email and social media management.


PowerPoint is an additional way technology can grow your business. It can help you prepare and organize meetings so they are run efficiently, lowering business costs.

Of course, it also makes your business look more organized. And, employees generally recall more from meetings where PowerPoint was used.

Certainly it’s true that many things have changed over the last couple of decades when it comes to technology. But one thing that is for sure is that technology can grow your business.

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