Generate leads with these powerful Real Estate Promotion Ideas. These 10 ideas will bring new life to your business and generate more leads.

Generate leads with these powerful Real Estate Promotion Ideas. These 10 ideas will bring new life to your business and generate more leads.

Are Your Real Estate Promotion Ideas Running Dry?

Don’t worry! We’re here with 10 marketing ideas to get your juices flowing.

(In a hurry? Click here to list your property) Real Estate is brutal. Your competition is always trying to out do you. And now you have JEMAYA Villas to compete with. The game never stops…for anyone. To help you out, we’ve complied this list of 10 Real Estate Promotion Ideas. Majority of Realtors AREN’T doing the best at all of these marketing ideas.

What’s that mean?

That means: Executing on these ideas at 100% will grow your business. These ideas are meant to inspire your when you’re down and out. They are meant to lift you up when you feel like you’re failing. Personally, I use this list whenever my goals seem too far away. Be sure you list your property here.

You never know when you’ll need it next…

Let’s get into it:

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Real Estate Promotion Idea #1: Write or Post Content Online

One of the best ways to promote your real estate business is to have content online. It’s a great way to build up the SEO impact of your website. 43% of the Tanzania population is online everyday. This means a substantial percentage of your customers research things online. Why would you want to post content? Simple. Content is the most effective way to get your information in front of those internet browsers.

If you’re totally new to blogging, or the idea of coming up with ideas is foreign or frightening to you, check out this website that shows you exactly how to come up with a steady blog design.

Get Your Website that converts website visitors into leads. There are tons of complicated strategies about how to get people to your website. But at the end of the day, writing a 500 word post with 3 images of the local community is all you have to do to get people to your website. Want some great ideas to get your real estate SEO going easily?

Here is a simple content idea list:

  • Video tour of a local neighborhood and a 500 word description of what makes it great
  • 3 photographs of a neighborhood and your opinion on why to move there
  • Photographs and video tours comparing schools in the area

…By the way, if you’re thinking: “Lusabara, I don’t have a website where I can post content.” You’re in luck. Here’s our team of developers who can get you design in few days! You can reach them… There are probably 20 neighborhoods that you typically sell houses in. I bet that at least 15 of those neighborhoods have a lack of information about them online.

People aren’t looking for the big city information as much as they are for little gold nuggets. For example, have you ever typed in a Google search like “Things to do in [smaller town name]” and been VERY disappointed in the results? I have. Make content like this whenever you don’t know what to do. More people will visit your website and contact you about buying or selling real estate.

Real Estate Promotion Idea #2: Call Past Clients. Hunt Down Referrals.

Quick question: Where do you buy your groceries? Your answer was a referral.

You probably didn’t mind giving it out. Referrals are not bad.  They are the life-blood of marketing.  Real estate promotion ideas should all be tied back to asking for the referral.  Look at your marketing system today and consider whether it’s effectively asking for the referral.

This being said, most realtors ask for them in an ineffective manner.

When asking for referrals you have to make it CRYSTAL clear the benefit you provide that the person might not have experienced otherwise.

Call your past clients. Ask them:

“Do you agree that we probably sold your home sooner and for more money than if you would have listed it with a different agent?”

If they agree, press them for a referral.

You have to ask most people 7 times for a referral before they will take you seriously.

Do not be afraid to ask.

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Real Estate Promotion Idea #3: New Target Markets

Sometimes we get stuck only thinking of the same demographic.

This happens to me all the time.

In order to break free from this type of thinking, you need to experience a different type of people.

Try this activity:

1. Pick a location you haven’t been in over a year. This works particularly well if you’ve never been there before. Here’s a short list of ideas: a bar, a different church, a college campus, a coffee shop, a yoga studio, a orchestra concert, a school football game, the mall

2. Now, stay there for at least 45 minutes and just watch people. Watch how they interact. Watch what they say. Watch what they are carrying around.

3. Talk with as many of them you can for the last 15 minutes. You don’t even have to mention real estate. Just have short conversations with them.

4. Go home and write 25 ways you can market to that target audience. 

You’ll be VERY surprised how many people exist in this world have no idea your business even exists.

Real Estate Promotion Idea #4: Pop-Bys

Action speaks louder than words.

Action breeds actions. Inaction breeds inaction.

Do you remember that feeling you get after a great workout? How about that thrill after finishing a task you’ve been putting off for ages?

Pop-bys are gifts you give to past clients or people you want to be a client.

They are a great way to surprise individuals and make their day. They also provide awesome conversations starters.

If you’re feeling in a rut, go pickup some chocolates from the local chocolate maker and stop by someones office.

You’ll bump into tons of people along the way.

You can have conversations with the cashier at the chocolate place.

The front desk person at the office. All of these conversations are ways to meet new people and let new people know you’re a Realtor.

Try a pop-by today and see if it helps you get out of your rut.

Real Estate Promotion Idea #5: Go Get Coffee. Leave The Office.

Trouble meeting new people? Lack the energy to get motivated today?

Pick a busy coffee shop and sit down. People will be working and interacting. This should give you the motivation and inspiration you need to start over on another day of marketing.

Marketing and promotion in real estate can be discouraging. At JEMAYA Villas, over 75% of our ideas fail. I’m sure the percentage of your real estate promotion ideas that fail might be near that same number.

Simply, recharge and startup conversations with the people that walk in. Maybe you could work on your real estate social media presence during this time. Either way, getting into a new environment is a great way to shake up your selling and promoting.

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Real Estate Promotion Idea #6: Reach Out To Educators

Educators (both in real estate and the public sector) often feel isolated from the real world.

There aren’t enough exchanges of information between these two worlds.

Reach out to a local elementary school teacher this week and offer to do a talk on careers. You never know what will happen! Maybe the teacher will give you a backlink from their blog.

Or maybe you’ll meet a parent that is looking to buy/sell soon. Either way, you’ll build new connections. You’ll have more to talk about on your social media page too.

Real Estate Promotion Idea #7: Contact Local Business Owners

If you’re in a rut, how do you think other local business owners feel? They are in the same position as you.

Restaurants face stiff competition from food chains. Local hardware stores face the Home Depots of the world. Reach out to these people and suggest co-marketing together.

You can promote that business to your email list. Or put up a flyer at their location.

If they work in any industry that deals with homes, you can co-brand and send referrals to each other. Reaching out to them is quite easy. I suggest finding the individuals who are page 2-4 of Google and contacting them.

These people get substantially less requests for this type of activity and will be more receptive of it. Another idea for co-marketing with these people is to swap links to each others sites through testimonials. This can really help business.

Real Estate Promotion Idea #8: Sit On A Board

Quick questions: Who is always featured on websites, newsletters, and other informational material?

Individuals who sit on boards. It isn’t the most immediate fix for your marketing, but this tactic will provide substantial value over the long haul.

Most of the time, these local groups don’t have a competitive race to sit on these boards. It will probably take a few emails and conversations to get familiar with how that local group works.

But after you get in their doors, it’s usually easy to rise to the top and become part of management.

I typically email about 10 people and agencies when starting this method. You’ll only get responses from a few of them.

(Hint: Stop reading. Click here to list your properly here. Act on this now.)

Real Estate Promotion Idea #9: Reach Out To An Agent Working Elsewhere

People at the top of their game sometimes get lonely up there.

Reaching out to a top agent in another market for advice is a great way to get new ideas. You’ll see what’s working in their area and might be able to apply some of their tactics to your local market.

Be sure to keep the relationship a two way street. Provide feedback to the responses they send you.

And tell them things you’re seeing in the marketplace.

This type of information, even if you think it isn’t worth much, is hard to come by.

Soon, you’ll be a valuable asset to them and you’ll both be growing together.

You can look up agents here. Be sure to share your top real estate promotion ideas.

Real Estate Promotion Idea #10: Recharge Your Batteries And Forget About Real Estate Promotion Ideas

Finally, take time to recharge yourself.

Real Estate is a tough business as we said at the beginning of this article. Plan regular breaks into your schedule.

If none of these ideas suit your fancy, visit a Facebook page and take a well deserved break.

It’s a good idea to keep the long term effect of all marketing plans in mind while you work.

Writing articles online or building relationships with local businesses increases your results over time.

Don’t kill yourself today or quit that marketing activity otherwise you’ll lose the cumulative effect of marketing buildup over time.

Whew, that was quite a list of real estate promotion ideas!

Hope you found something you can take action on in here.

Finally, I’d really love a share if you found this list of real estate promotion ideas useful at all! It helps me keep writing all this material to help you grow your business.


Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post.

It's your turn now, please leave me a comment below!


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